Seeq Server R56.1.4

Welcome to Seeq! If you have any feedback or support questions, please email our support team at

For each user that accesses the Seeq Workbench for the first time, a fully interactive tour will present itself to assist the user in learning how to use our software. The tour can be dismissed and accessed later via the system menu in the upper-right corner of Seeq Workbench.

Upgrade Considerations

Best Practices

Before upgrading, it is recommended that you create a backup of your current Seeq Server. That way you can restore your application version, configuration and data files to known good if for some reason there is an issue with the upgrade. To create a backup, follow the instructions in the Backing Up the Seeq Database article in the Seeq Knowledge Base.

The Seeq Server database schema is upgraded automatically when a new version of Seeq Server first loads a data folder created by an older version of Seeq Server. The blue text at the bottom of the Seeq Server launch interface is intended to give insight into upgrade progress.

When upgrading, it is recommended that you update the Seeq Server and all Seeq Remote Agents at the same time. Each version of Seeq is tested as a whole and breaking changes between the Seeq Server and older Seeq Remote Agents are not tracked.

Upgrade Path

When upgrading to Seeq Server R51.0.0 or later from a Seeq Server version before R50.3.0, an intermediate upgrade to the latest R50 release is required. Installers and release notes for all previous releases are available here. All asynchronous background upgrades must complete on the intermediate version before proceeding with the upgrade to version R51.0.0 or later.

Run seeq diag migration from the Seeq CLI to check the status of asynchronous background upgrades.

Upgrade Timing

Upgrading to Seeq Server R56.0.0 or later from R55.X.X will take roughly:

Upgrading to Seeq Server R56.0.0 or later from R54.X.X will take roughly an additional:

Upgrading to Seeq Server R56.0.0 or later from R53.X.X will take roughly an additional:

To see how many has_parameter relationships are in your server run the following SQL query: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM relationships WHERE label = 'has_parameter';

Upgrading to Seeq Server R56.0.0 or later from R52.X.X will take roughly an additional:

Upgrading to Seeq Server R56.0.0 or later from R51.X.X will take roughly an additional:

Upgrading to Seeq Server R56.0.0 or later from R50.X.X will take roughly an additional:

To see how many items your server's database contains, run seeq db stats -v from the Seeq CLI.

To see how many cached content images are present, run @(Get-ChildItem -LiteralPath 'C:\ProgramData\Seeq\data\cache\content' -Filter '*.png' -File -Recurse).Count from Windows Powershell or find /var/opt/seeq/data/cache/content/ -name '*.png' | wc -l from the Linux command line. Update the path as needed to reflect your Seeq settings.

To see how many cache validity regions are present, run @(Get-ChildItem -LiteralPath 'C:\ProgramData\Seeq\data\' -Filter 'validityRegions.bin' -File -Recurse).Count from Windows Powershell or find /var/opt/seeq/data/ -name 'validityRegions.bin' | wc -l from the Linux command line. Update the path as needed to reflect your Seeq settings.

Use seeq config get Folders/Data to get the location of the Seeq data directory.

Configuration Modifiability

In R56.0.0, configuration options that are marked as modifiable: false will no longer be modifiable by the API. They will now only be modifiable via the CLI.

User Datasource ID and Class

In R56.0.0, the datasource ID and datasource class of a user can no longer be altered after that user is created.

Seeq Formula Changes

See Formula changes in R56 for more details.

Asset Tree Queries

In R56.0.0, the getTree and getTreeRootNodes queries will take a list of strings instead of a single string to scope the returned nodes.

Workstep Changes

Changes to the Seeq Server REST API

In R56.0.0, the POST /metrics/thresholds and POST /metrics/thresholds/{id} endpoints have the following additional properties in the input: datasourceClass, datasourceId, dataId, syncToken.

Networking Configuration

In R55.0.0, the default for Network/Webserver/PrivateUrl will be the Network/Webserver/Url. For Data Lab installations and for Seeq Server installations the default is constructed from the Network/Hostname, Network/Webserver/Port, and Network/Webserver/SecurePort. Changing Network/Webserver/PrivateUrl should only be necessary for Data Lab installations where a private url can't be inferred from other configuration.

Worksheet Multi-insert

In R55.0.0, multiple worksheets can be added at a time. Their properties default to the last used set of properties, but can be set individually in the properties modal.

Condition Metadata Changes

In R55.0.0, conditions were modified to disallow units of measure that are not time based. Previously, conditions could be created with non-time units, but these conditions could not be trended and produced errors with most condition functions. Now, it is not possible to create conditions with non-time units. Existing conditions with non-time units were migrated to have units of nanoseconds. Their original unit is accessible as a condition property named 'Source Key Unit Of Measure'.

OData Export Changes

In R55.0.0, minor changes to data export have been made that may require user action.

Seeq Data Lab Upgrade

In R55.0.0, Seeq Data Lab will no longer contain preinstalls of some Python packages such as pytables, cython, dask, scikit-learn. These and any other Python packages can be installed globally for all current and future Seeq Data Lab projects.

Workbench Analysis Editor Changes

In R55.0.0, the journal will no longer be able to be toggled from edit mode to view mode. When the analysis is in edit mode the journal will always be in edit mode, and when the analysis is in view only mode the journal will be in view only mode.

Unit Compatibility Changes

In R55.0.0, "gmol" is now interpreted as an alternate to "mol". This has also been fixed on derived units: kgmol, lbmol, and klbmol. Formulas that want to use g*mol will need manual correction.

Invalid CSRF tokens return 403 Forbidden

In R55.0.0, invalid CSRF tokens now return 403 Forbidden instead of 401 Unauthorized.

Removed graphLimit field

Beginning in R55.0.0 paginated API responses no longer contain the field 'graphLimit'.

Organizer Editor Changes

In R54.0.0, the new editing experience for Organizer Topic no longer supports arbitrary HTML.

Internet Explorer 11 Support

In R54.0.0, Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported. When users attempt to access Seeq, with Internet Explorer 11, they will be directed to a page instructing them to download a modern browser that is supported.

Seeq Data Lab Upgrade

In R54.0.0, for customers who already have Seeq Data Lab deployed on premise in Kubernetes or Openshift, Seeq Data Lab supports Kubernetes versions 1.20 to 1.22. Any Kubernetes clusters running Kubernetes version 1.19 or older should be upgraded before upgrading Seeq Data Lab. (New, on premise Kubernetes deployments of Seeq Data Lab are not supported.)

In R54.0.0, for customers who already have Seeq Data Lab deployed on premise with Docker, Seeq Data Lab will require Docker-CLI 20.10.7 or later. Any existing installations should be upgraded before upgrading Seeq Data Lab.

Data Consumption Metrics

In R54.0.0, the column request_wall_clock is renamed to request_start_time in the data_consumption table. This means that pre-existing SQL connections may need to be altered to accommodate this change.

Home folder names

In R54.0.0 if the name of a user's home folder does not resemble an email address, its name will be changed to the name of the user.

Archived user defined functions

In R54.0.0 archived user defined functions are not usable anymore. Using archived user defined functions returns compilation error.

Formula Changes

See Formula changes in R54 for more details.

CygNet Connector

In R54.1.6, CygNet libraries used by the connector must be placed in the Seeq data folder of the .NET Agent host. See CygNet Connector for details.

.NET Framework 4.8

When upgrading Windows Seeq Server and Remote Agents to R53.0.0 and later, .NET 4.8 is required. The installer will automatically install .NET 4.8, but it may require a reboot of the machine.

Signal Cache Migration

In R53.0.0, a new storage format is introduced for cached signal data. While the application is running, signals will be silently and automatically migrated to the new format. The new format makes more efficient usage of disk space and its disk usage may be controlled by configuring Cache/Persistent/Series/MaxSize. The default value is effectively unlimited for new installations, while existing installations will be set to match the size of the pre-existing cache.

Seeq Data Lab Upgrade

In R53.0.0, the version of Python used by Seeq Data Lab has been upgraded to 3.8.8 and many bundled packages have been updated. This may cause existing Seeq Data Lab notebooks to break. Please refer to the release notes of any packages used in Seeq Data Lab notebooks to determine how to resolve any breakages.

Seeq Data Lab Hostname

In R53.0.0, the Network/DataLab/Hostname configuration option will no longer default to If the Network/DataLab/Hostname configuration option is not set, all Seeq Data Lab requests will result in a 502 Bad Gateway response from the Seeq Server.

Unit Display Changes

In R53.0.0, our units library will now support displaying mbar. Earlier, this defaulted to hPa. Now both types are supported. Existing signals with source unit of mbar will now display mbar. convertUnits() can be used to change the displayed unit.

In R53.0.0, some miscellaneous units are no longer compatible with each other or other unit types. These include

Additionally, Specific Gravity (SG) and API Gravity (API) are now only compatible with each other, and now support accurate conversion.

Logs Endpoint Changes

In R53.0.0, the /logs/download endpoint changed from a POST to a GET. Please update any usages of the endpoint.


Beginning in R53.0.0 generated SDKs may now require calls to ItemsApi.workbenchSearch to use UUIDs, and may also return item IDs as UUIDs instead of strings.

Threshold Metric Upgrade

In R52.2.1, an additional upgrade was added to fix an issue with some existing Simple Threshold Metrics that prevented Metric values from being displayed in the Simple Table.

External Tools are now Add-on Tools

In R52.2.0, External Tools are renamed Add-on Tools. If using the External Tools Management-UI, follow the steps in the Add-on Tool Administration and Development KB article to replace it with the Add-on Tool Management-UI.

Connector Configuration Security

When upgrading Seeq Server and Remote Agents to R52.0.0 please make sure you read this document and decide if you need to move all the secret information outside connector json files. Seeq allows now Seeq Administrators to read and manage connector configurations via API.

Remote Agents Upgrade

When upgrading to Seeq Server R52.0.0, you must upgrade all remote agents to the same version.

R54.0.0 contains significant improvements to datasource management. We recommend upgrading the Seeq server first and all remote agents immediately afterward for a seamless transition.

Non-Content Images Uploaded to a Journal, Organizer Topic, or other Annotation

In R52.0.0, a background job has been added to delete images uploaded to annotations (such as Journals or Organizer Topics) that are no longer referenced. On the first run after upgrading, a migration will be run to ensure that previously stored images are copied to the proper location on disk. This may temporarily increase the number of images stored in the data-directory/mydata/journals directory. Over time any orphaned images will be cleaned up by a background job. The Features/Annotations/UploadCleaner/Count and Features/Annotations/UploadCleaner/Frequency configuration options can be used to tune this job. Before upgrading, ensure that you have enough free disk space for this migration to complete. This will be less than or equal to the size of the data-directory/mydata/journals directory.

Removal of the CassandraV2 datasource

In R52.0.0, the CassandraV2 datasource has been removed. Please update any scripts that may be using this Datasource Class and ID to a different Stored-in-Seeq datasource.

Updates to Data Consumption

In R52.0.0, data consumption metrics now are compacted once a day to save on space. Please update the "Features/DataConsumption/CompactionDeadline" configuration option if you'd like to keep unsummarized consumption data for longer periods of time. Additionally, the queries used for the data consumption SQLV2 connection have changed to only output daily summarized data. Please clear the cache on any data consumption signals in use.

Changes to Threshold Metrics measuring Conditions

In 52.0.0, users are no longer required to set a maximum capsule duration when creating a Threshold Metric to measure a Condition. This was unnecessary and the parameter has been removed to improve the accuracy of these calculations.

Content rendering no longer falls back to topic owners

In R52.0.0, content without a report or topic will be rendered as the creator. Previously, this content was rendered as the owner of source worksheet's topic.

Workbench item ownership determined by home folder

In R52.0.0, a workbench item is owned by the user whose home folder it is located under. Previously, each item had its owner specified separately.

Correspondingly, when an admin changes an item's owner, that item is moved to the home folder of the new owner.

Changes to the Seeq Server SDK

In R52.0.0, the minimum .NET version was changed from 4.0 to 4.5.2 for the C# version of the Seeq Server SDK.

Networking Configuration

In 52.2.1, the Network/Webserver/PrivateUrl has been changed to default to the Network/Webserver/Url instead of being constructed from the Network/Hostname, Network/Webserver/Port, and Network/Webserver/SecurePort. In systems where the Network/Webserver/Url is not set to the default, consider updating the Network/Webserver/PrivateUrl if the previous default based on the Network/Hostname is preferred.

For customers using a load balancer, proxy firewall, or other security appliance that handles traffic before it reaches the Seeq Server, a new Network/Webserver/PrivateUrl configuration item has been added in R51.0.0 that is used to ensure that requests from the Seeq Server to itself can be routed internally. No configuration changes should be needed for customers that have configured Network/Hostname and Network/Webserver/Url as described in the knowledge base.

Online Backups

In 51.1.0 the fast choice for the --database-checkpoint option is no longer available for the seeq backup create command. Use seeq backup create -h to view available options.

Parallel Computation

Parallel computation is disabled by default in Seeq Server R51.0.0. Seeq administrators can modify this behavior by setting the Threads/CalcEngine/Parallelization/MaxTasksPerRequest configuration option on the Seeq Server administration page or from the Seeq CLI. If this value was previously overridden, it will remain so.

Changes to the Seeq Connector SDK

In R51.0.0, the Seeq Connector SDK has been adjusted to use the Gradle build system and we now recommend using IntelliJ IDEA as the IDE of choice for connector development. We recommend that you update your existing connector projects to use the new structure. See the Seeq Connector SDK README file for details.

Formula Upgrades

Upon upgrade, Seeq Server will audit all formula-based series to determine if they compile correctly in the new version. If incompatibilities are detected, the Description of the affected item will contain the text Formula failed to compile, please upgrade manually. You can search for such items using the More filters link on the main item search interface.

Several minor behavior changes are included in Seeq Server R52.0.0, as detailed in the Knowledge Base. These include:

Several minor behavior changes are included in Seeq Server R51.0.0, as detailed in the Knowledge Base. These include:

If you need help upgrading a formula, do not hesitate to contact Seeq support.

SPy Library API Changes

In R50.4.4 spy.workbook.pull(..., errors='catalog') now returns workbooks even if they had errors while loading. In some cases, if you have permissions restrictions to some workbook parts, you are still able to work with available information (signals etc.).

Changes to the Seeq Server REST API

In R56.0.0, the POST /metrics/thresholds and POST /metrics/thresholds/{id} endpoints have the following additional properties in the input: datasourceClass, datasourceId, dataId, syncToken.

In R55.0.0, the GET /content/date-ranges endpoint now returns an error message instead of an empty list when getDateRanges is called by a non-admin.

In R55.0.0, POST endpoints returning undocumented 200 status codes now return 201 status codes to match their documentation. The following endpoints are affected:

In R55.0.0, the POST /annotations/ and POST /annotations/{id}/update/ endpoints reportInput parameter no longer has a field for contentIds, dateRangeIds, or assetSelectionIds. To manage the relationship of such items to the report, use the content api instead.

In R55.0.0, the POST API /putSamples becomes /addSamples.

In R54.0.0 item objects in API responses no longer contain an 'href' field with an API path to the item. Instead, use the 'id' field (and for worksheets the 'workbookId' field) to construct an appropriate API path.

In R54.0.0 Worksteps in API responses are now the UUID of the workstep's ID rather than a href to the workstep.

In R54.0.0 paginated API responses no longer contain the field 'hasItemsBeforeOffsetPresent'. Instead refer to the 'prev' field to determine whether a page exists before the requested page.

In R54.0.0 the API endpoints GET /datasources/status and GET /system/configuration/options no longer return all items but instead take 'limit' and 'offset' parameters. The default limits are 40 items.

In R54.0.0, when using the export for Report and Export Queries, if you request an unsupported export type, Seeq will return a 415 error instead of a 501 error.

In R54.0.0, the condition APIs (add capsules and put capsules) are not returning the whole condition anymore. Only the status code and the response message is returned.

In R54.0.0, for GET /items/ endpoint scope parameter accepts a list of IDs instead a single ID, returning all items scoped to any of the provided scopes.

In R53.0.0 GET /folders has been changed to accept several more query parameters and return a slightly different response structure. The added parameters enable filtering by a list of IDs and item types, as well as searching items' names for text matches. In addition, when a folder contains an item the user may read, non-admins are no longer given a 403 Forbidden response but are allowed to read the readable contents of the folder. When a non-admin filters by "users" they no longer receive a 403 Forbidden but instead get a list of non-Corporate items they have access to. Filtering by "shared" without other parameters only returns top-level items. For users of an SDK, the endpoint now returns a response of type WorkbenchItemOutputListV1 instead of FolderOutputListV1.

In R53.0.0 the GET /items/workbench endpoint has been removed. Clients using it should use GET /folders instead, which now takes the same parameters /items/workbench did, behaves in the same way, and returns the same results.

In R53.0.0 GET /folders has been changed to accept several more query parameters and return a slightly different response structure. The added parameters enable filtering by a list of IDs and item types, as well as searching items' names for text matches. In addition, when a folder contains an item the user may read, non-admins are no longer given a 403 Forbidden response but are allowed to read the readable contents of the folder. When a non-admin filters by "users" they no longer receive a 403 Forbidden but instead get a list of non-Corporate items they have access to. Filtering by "shared" without other parameters only returns top-level items. For users of an SDK, the endpoint now returns a response of type WorkbenchItemOutputListV1 instead of FolderOutputListV1.

In R53.0.0 the GET /items/workbench endpoint has been removed. Clients using it should use GET /folders instead, which now takes the same parameters /items/workbench did, behaves in the same way, and returns the same results.

In R53.0.0, the DELETE /items/{id} endpoint now has two extra optional query parameters:

In R53.0.0, for GET /items endpoint orderBy parameter, use ID instead of Guid.

In R53.0.0, the /formulas/run endpoint no longer includes an "items" property.

In R53.0.0, the /formulas/packages/{packageName} uses the "hostId" property instead of datasourceClass and datasourceId.

In R53.0.0, the /audit endpoint now returns all timestamps in UTC timezone.

In 52.3.0 the GET /folders/{id}/ancestors endpoint now returns a root of "users" for admins requesting an unshared folder. Previously, if the unshared folder's top ancestor was shared with the admin, GET /folders/{id}/ancestors returned a root of "sharedOrPublic".

In R52.2.0, the API /system/configuration/externalTools has been changed to /system/configuration/addOnTools. Items of type ExternalTool are converted to items of type AddOnTool.

In R52.2.0, the Seeq Server SDKs are updated: using Python syntax, the ProjectsApi methods get_project, get_projects, and schedule_notebook are modified to use ScheduleInputV1 and ScheduleOutputV1 models where ScheduleV1 models were previously used. The input now accepts an optional key, and the output returns a stopped property indicating whether the job has been stopped by a DELETE /jobs/{group}/{id} request.

In R52.0.0, all endpoints will return a 400 Bad Request error if the limit query parameter is negative or larger than the maximum allowed value. They will return no items if the limit query parameter is zero. Previously, some endpoints would use a default value if the limit query parameter was negative or zero or decrement a limit query parameter that was too large.

In R52.0.0, the error response on the following endpoints became more robust. You may need to update programs that are using the old responses.

In R52.0.0 the /formulas/run endpoint takes two new optional parameters for running a formula table across assets. Users of the Java or C# SDK will need to update invocations of this endpoint with null for the new parameters.

In R52.0.0, the GET /items/workbench endpoint no longer returns items that are only accessible because they have been shared with the Everyone group when filter=shared is used. To include items accessible via the Everyone group, use filter=sharedOrPublic.

In R52.0.0, the GET /items/workbench endpoint no longer accepts an isPinned parameter. The onlyPinned parameter should be used instead. When requesting pinned items, the filter and folderId parameters are now ignored.

In R52.0.0 the /tables/build endpoint is removed. Use the /formulas/run endpoint instead with a Formula that generates a table.

In R51.0.0, the POST /workbooks/{workbookId}/worksheets/{worksheetId}/worksteps endpoint now accepts an optional ?noWorkstepMessage=true query parameter that enables a workstep to be created without an immediate websocket message being sent to browser clients viewing the worksheet. This enables multiple worksteps to be efficiently created and the current workstep to be specified afterward. Users of static programming language Seeq SDK clients (e.g. Java SDK) will need to add an additional argument when calling WorkbooksApi#createWorkstep().

Beginning in R52.2.1 the GET/folders endpoint search functionality now can search by name, description, or both. To implement this the endpoint now takes a new parameter called searchFields that takes a list of WorkbenchSearchField

In R51.0.0, the GET /folders/{folderId}/subfolders and GET /folders/{folderId}/ancestors endpoints no longer recognize the value all for the parameter root. The value users can be used by Seeq administrators to retrieve similar results.

In R51.0.0, several DELETE endpoints have now been changed to archive the item instead of performing a hard delete. These items are Ancillaries, Annotations, Assets, Conditions, Datasources, Folders, Projects, Scalars, Series, Signals, Workbooks, and Worksheets. This may cause issues with applications that use these APIs as the methods have been renamed to to reflect their new functionality.

Change Notes

Version R56.1.4

New Features

31363 Event Frames Connector: Modernize the cleanup step

Bug Fixes

31496 Postgres 12.8 is much slower than Postgres 12.3
31117 Caching: CacheClearer will fail to delete old cache data in rare cases
28189 Workbench: Auto-update interval locale isn't being set properly
30654 Workbench: Details Panel (and Capsule Panel) can become unusable after changing color

Known Issues

30418 Cannot specify 4 months in organizer topic Auto Update
30134 Unable to add column in existing table after the upgrade to R55 (Organizer Topic)
29876 Scalar cache service is getting backed up and failing under heavy load
29806 Unable to directly pick Uncertain Capsule in Topic Date Range Modal
29123 Data Consumption: Migrations contribute to consumption metrics
29096 Workbench: Capsule pane no longer shows property name and values colored by series color
29093 Administration: Add User first name field is outlined in red
29037 OData Export: Executing OData export can create duplicate exports
28563 REST API: 'Scoped To' parameter returned in lower case
28546 Workbench: Capsules panel shows 'no results' warning while still loading
28539 OSIsoft AF Connector: Any Configuration Attribute should be indexed as a Scalar
28479 Workbench: Applying "Between" or "is not between" filter in capsules panel results in error on condition in details pane and no capsules displayed
28364 Workbench: Only the first 30 capsules keep color option when the number of segments shown in Capsule Time is more than a limit
28155 Calls to GET /items/{id}/dependencies with deep hierarchies can make the server unresponsive
27854 Administration: Unset CLI command doesn't work
27765 Administration: License page prompts for a license immediately after uploading a valid license
27754 Organizer: Heading styles are not converted 1-to-1 after conversion to new experience
27578 Organizer: Opening Seeq content modal can result in Oops page
27325 Remote Agent: Datasource "Connection Request Timeout" property doesn't timeout connection requests
26856 Setting AdditionalVMOptions not working in R53
26700 Error - Displayed when Event Frame property name overloads Seeq property
26593 Journals: selected text is not converted to Seeq Link (Safari)
26444 Cannot insert an image into a Journal Annotation.
26158 Manual Condition Tool does not allow adding capsules via highlighting area on trend when lane labels are displayed
25871 Connections using the same PI system can interfere
25452 Ignition Module: Dropping connection to Ignition Gateway
25164 Windows Installer says .NET Framework 4.6.2 is required but installs 4.8
25160 Installer: Restart requirement for .NET Framework v4.8 installation pops up in the middle of Seeq installation process
24318 OSIsoft AF Connector: AF Attributes with a Value Type of DateTime can fail to trend
24049 Fast follow users don't see asset groups until refresh
22815 Seeq CLI: "seeq start" may time out after an upgrade
22806 Organizer: Hebrew characters do not display correctly when publishing Organizer Topics to pdf
22286 AF Data Reference: Bundled documentation is inaccurate
22136 When pasting content, able to open link in Email, but not in Word
21700 Formula: Comparing unitless values to percents is broken
21456 Installer locks up if asked to do a backup and there is insufficient disk space
21241 Administration: Hovering over configuration option doesn't display tooltip
20375 Non-admin users can't launch Seeq in interactive mode after clean install on Windows
20099 JVM-Link: Threads cannot be interrupted while waiting on external requests
19690 SPy.workbooks does not support annotation capsule
19144 Unable to return to previous workstep after creating Custom Condition
18220 Seeq CLI: Seeq is automatically restarted after 'seeq stop' on linux
17447 Tabs opened in the background do not load until activated
17073 Boundary with Redacted signal shows as unselected instead of redacted
14256 PowerPoint export fails if lane labels include asset paths
14255 PowerPoint export does not contain asset path
13402 Workbench: Capsules are not displayed in capsule panel
12228 Can't open topic links inside adobe reader touch
12049 Color of condition can be lost after capsule selection
11677 OSIsoft AF Connector: Integer-Type AFAttribute that references Digital PIPoint becomes string Signal
11506 Trend cursor labels should draw over top of lane labels
11209 Lane labels do not remain with their lanes when items are removed
10974 PDF Preview broken in Firefox 57
10952 Tools display code while loading on older versions of IE
9698 Showing labels on single points is inconsistent at various zoom levels
9560 C# SDK has trouble with sub-second timestamps
9508 Histogram displays too many digits when creating n# of buckets
9485 Composite search live preview will not show more than 1000 capsules
9413 Live preview can cause erroneous display if bar chart is used
9409 Data from SQL Connector does not update when the table changes
9242 Signals can be affected by one lane/one axis action when only Histograms are selected
8972 Boundary pairs that share signals can't be displayed simultaneously
8918 Cursors don't work for discrete points with interpolated line style
8866 Edges of trend can have anomalous samples
8667 Asset-relative pattern search uses time period, not pattern
8647 "Max duration exceeded" errors showing up for signals in Scatter Plot
8453 Trend can render inaccurately with vertical gaps
8288 Series in capsule time don't update on formula change
8247 Shared axes in a lane does not draw correctly right away
8191 Asset Database synchronization resulted in duplicate attribute entries
8044 Newlines in workbook description are lost when rendered
7917 Scroll/zoom don't work for manually inverted axes
7527 Comments may not show up initially
7279 Series which references comment disappears when comment scrolls out of view
7254 AF PIPoint Data References are not always displayed correctly in Seeq
6947 Display range duration inconsistent on DST transition
6097 Excel Export does not honor Capsule/Series Selector
2855 Seeq does not inform user that they need PI SDK or PI System Explorer

Version R56.1.3

Bug Fixes

31324 AF Connector: Error message for local AF server warning is incorrect
31023 Asset Groups: Signals don't show the correct mapping after save
30858 Workbench: Capsule remains visible even though condition is no longer occurring
29903 Asset Groups: Add Variable modal does not allow columns to be added to an existing calculated item as variables
29895 Workbench: Capsules that start outside the display range do not show in chain view

Version R56.1.2

Bug Fixes

31152 Parallel Coordinates: Plugin does not redirect properly on our SaaS instances
30766 Organizer: Long interactive tables can falsely display as empty when scrolling a document
30729 Organizer: Data Lab URL in topic documents and journals redirects to homepage
30020 Organizer: Copy-pasted interactive content doesn't preserve size and shape of the initial content
28671 Excel Export: Gridded capsule counts are incorrect when exporting across Daylight Savings Time
27941 Organizer: Interactive content does not retain its shape upon reload

Version R56.1.1

Bug Fixes

30741 Organizer: Cannot edit auto-updating date range that uses a condition with a maximum duration
30408 Ubuntu installations don't include library, resulting in numerous postgres log errors

Version R56.1.0

Bug Fixes

30126 Organizer: Small interactive tables in CK are larger than they need to be
30102 Organizer: Interactive content doesn't maintain size/shape on refresh
30066 Administration: Remote agent upgrade error when conflicting installation path
30041 Organizer: Feedback banner covers information in presentation view
29995 Workbench: Capsule pane displays false end time for capsules without an end time
29972 Workbench: Not all filters applied in capsule pane, resulting in incorrect display of capsules in trend view
29946 Workbench: Difficulty trending item from Data tab due to small clickable area
29462 Organizer: Dragging non-interactive content causes it to resize

Version R56.0.0

New Features

27372 Filter capsule pane to reduce capsules displayed in various views
26628 Organizer: Allow Scatter Plot charts to be inserted as interactive content
24187 Workbench: Multi-select to add to Asset Group
23379 Capsule View segment limit increased from 90 to 300
20859 Shorten warning banner message on too many signals for Capsule View
16909 Home Screen: Add "Date shared" field
12712 Support uncertainty for push connectors
4748 Workbench: Multi-select to add items to a worksheet

Bug Fixes

28331 SyncToken may not be set on Threshold Metrics
28039 Workbench: Capsule property label breaks with periods
27785 Workbench: TypeError: "t is not a function" when using the Composite Condition tool
25624 Workbench: Capsule highlight/dim doesn't work if capsule last and uncertain
21490 Administration: Unable to filter or sort user list by directory
14766 Workbench: Histogram localizes by the browser

Version R55.4.8

New Features

29411 Connector: Support Inmation as a data source via HDA or UA

Bug Fixes

31098 Workbench: Scrolling more than 35 root assets is broken

Version R55.4.7

Bug Fixes

29374 Assets & Trees: Histogram is not updated after asset swap
27966 Caching: Potential performance issue loading heavily referenced signals/conditions

Version R55.4.6

Bug Fixes

31178 Workbench: Unable to paste copied text from the Journal into the search box on the Data tab
31115 Open ID Connect: Couldn't retrieve remote JWK set: Read time out
31064 Asset Groups: Unable to add additional signals from asset after save
30560 Workbench: Formula breaks after clicking question mark in formula editor
29453 IP21 Connector: Special characters are not correctly handled

Version R55.4.5

New Features

23147 Data Lab: ODBC/pyodbc support

Bug Fixes

31097 Organizer: Content in a table cell stretches to fill the whole cell
30535 Organizer: Changing date range or asset selection name does not reflect until refresh
30519 Organizer: Date range with specific capsule selection chooses first capsule
30432 Workbench: Default names for workbench items use date from browser language instead of language in Seeq profile
30028 Data Consumption: Make sure thumbnail generation does not contribute to metrics
29993 Organizer: Cannot save condition-based date range if capsules are longer than 40h
29390 Series cache service reads do not count toward data consumption metrics
29102 Data Consumption: Datasource samples and capsules are double-counted
27261 Data Consumption: Exports do not include compacted data

Version R55.4.4

Bug Fixes

30684 Connector SDK: PutScalar's precondition checks cause indexing to fail when formula is null or empty
30672 AF Connector: Agent host can be auto-populated in connections list, causing duplicates
30513 Monitoring: Monitors needed for compression and decompression (including native compression libraries)
29605 Data Lab: Do not timeout after 60s when starting a project (SaaS Azure customers)

Version R55.4.3

Bug Fixes

30784 Websocket subscribers can leak if queue overflows
30768 Asset Groups: When adding a new asset row, calculated items for that asset reference the wrong signals/conditions
30548 Postgres advisory locking throws InterruptedException if it times out
30505 Monitoring: Datasource request gauge is broken
30262 Workbench: Filter popover is not translated for languages other than English
30197 Caching: Compression for longs has an edge case that deserializes to incorrect value
29898 Caching: Cache service database initialization times out on large databases
29316 Workbench: Copy and paste of images from journal fails when pasting to another server or email client
29095 Workbench: Loading capsule time can intermittently cause TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'name')
28810 Seeq CLI: "seeq workbook delete" command no longer works
28806 Seeq CLI: "seeq workbook list" command fails when encountering Project type (Data Lab)

Version R55.4.2

Bug Fixes

30403 Organizer: Screenshot timeout fails to cancel associated requests
29894 Organizer: Formatting and metrics are lost when pasting organizer topic document into an email

Version R55.4.1

Bug Fixes

30245 Formula Select unit does not search properly and is not sized properly

Version R55.4.0

New Features

30237 User Profile: Make it mandatory for users to select and save a timezone

Bug Fixes

30416 Capsule Properties: RemoteConditionDriver parsing strategy results in incorrect unit conversion for percentages
30387 Treemap: Server leaks G_delay_0 threads for treemaps and assets across tables
30368 Caching: Unexpected request cancellations due to slow postgres advisory lock
30344 Workbench fails to load after upgrade to 55 if user has changed their default language
30330 Administration: Unable to view read only groups with a lot of members from admin page
30247 Treemap: Server meters are incorrect when running table across assets or treemap
30195 ConditionSegments don't enforce capsule property units
30179 Capsule cache service migration property metadata inference is incomplete
30104 Workbench: Unable to replace signal/condition variable in formula tool using edit button
30082 Organizer: Insert content via link text area is not auto-selected
29369 Asset Groups: Signal mapping breaks in existing calculated items column
28399 Workbench: Simple table string columns won't filter by string rules

Version R55.3.0

Bug Fixes

30067 Workbench: Workstep items causing long execution time for migrate common properties migration
29974 Logging: Appserver requests logs are not capturing requests
29922 Organizer: Axes labels not displaying the same as they are shown in Workbench
29886 Table Builder: Simple table can fail when there are too many items in the details pane
29805 Administration: Page is unusable if userTimeZone is not configured
29690 Organizer: Non-interactive content is resized in CKEditor and looks a bit blurry
29624 Workbench: Corporate folder items cannot have owners set in edit workbook modal
27293 Nginx: Not enough worker connections
26911 Journal: Link attached to an image is not accessible in 'View' mode after conversion to CKEditor

Version R55.2.0

Bug Fixes

28222 Administration: Request Duration in sorts as string rather than number
27946 Table Builder: When multiple conditions start off the screen in table view a 400-error message is received
27751 Organizer: Froala block of code is converted to multiple blocks of plain text in CKEditor. The formatting is lost
27443 Table Builder: Percent Units disappearing in tables

Version R55.1.1

Bug Fixes

29135 Organizer: No default set for 'How often should this update occur?' in auto-update date range schedule
29087 Organizer: Auto-update date range does not display default duration units when language is not English
29064 Workbench: Error in Scatter Plot when condition operator in formula uses non-time key units
28935 Organizer: Cannot resize trend content
28218 Value Search: Item selector is blank
28142 Organizer: Tables in New Experience cannot align with the left edge of the page

Version R55.1.0

Bug Fixes

28924 Caching: Cache service defragmentation can cause cache corruption in dependents of unbounded conditions
28837 Workbench: Asset details dialog of an asset within an Asset Group don't show the mapped tag
28821 Workbench: Memory usage increases over time
28429 Workbench: Display duration does not translate
28277 Caching: Pipelines interrupts ongoing requests too much
26714 Workbench: Trend goes blank if capsule with no end is selected in chain view

Version R55.0.0

New Features

27066 Lookup Tables: Allow non-unique values
26678 Units of Measure: Add Chinese Yuan Renminbi as currency unit option (with no conversion)
26627 Organizer: Add toggle to swap between interactive and image content
26347 REST API: Remove /sample-series API
26243 Formula: Add a scalar variant to the lookup operator
26234 Capsules Panel: Better options for pagination
26224 Organizer: Display labels for asset selection
26132 REST API: Overwrite samples on signal in defined interval
26123 Organizer: Make changing the name of an asset selection or a date range easier
26122 Workbench: Increase the description character limit in search panel
25910 REST API: Add the ability to find usages of an item in formulas or thresholds
25841 Organizer: Automatically launch bulk edit modal after date range or asset selection is configured if content exists
25694 Organizer: Reduce available check marks in the asset selection modal
25649 Organizer: Allow condition date range selection to follow asset selection
25647 Organizer: Allow table based charts to be inserted as content
25528 Workbench: Remove Journal Edit/View toggle
25413 Excel/OData Export: Capsule property export should export one row per capsule
25398 Workbench: Show line style in trend view labels
25000 Workbench: Archive unused worksteps that belong to multiple worksheets
23788 ADX Connector: Add support for ETV models at scale
23713 Caching: Use the cache service for bounded conditions
23481 Table Builder: Add additional condition statistics for simple table
23128 Translations: Add French as a supported language
23077 Organizer: Specify date and asset selection in a view-only URL
22858 Organizer: Insert more than one piece of Seeq content at a time
20172 Caching: Use cache service for unbounded conditions
18708 Scatter Plot: Manually enter min and max for x and y axis
18183 Prediction Panel: Button to add all signals from details pane
17786 REST API: Add capsule property metadata to stored conditions
16994 Formula: Option to move condition while respecting calendar
14858 Organizer: Collect and display metadata about screenshot jobs
10619 Formula: Preserve capsule properties through functions like merge and fragment
8993 Export: Move all workflows (Excel, Coresight, Odata) to Tool panel

Bug Fixes

27529 Workbench: Seeq becomes unresponsive with many nested dependencies
27284 Monitoring: Values which can't be written to CSV file due to locking are lost
27241 Organizer: Modifying DateRange & AssetSelection doesn't update content elements
27207 Workbench: Auto-update always displays auto interval of 1 minute
26890 Administration: Editing "End Time" in the log viewer results in a 400 error
26880 Organizer: 500 errors and incorrectly archived content when pasting many pieces of content
26786 Translations: Editing your profile reverts language to English
26782 Workbench: Chain and capsule view incorrectly remember capsule selection when changing display range
26691 Periodic Condition: Unexpected timezone behavior change
26673 Organizer: Scorecard size is not changed to accommodate all values when inserted quickly
26635 Seeq Server doesn't work properly behind a restrictive load balancer unless Network/Webserver/PrivateUrl is configured
26296 Formula: toSignal Durationkey with zero length capsules outputs no data
26172 Connector: OIDC connector config can have an invalid Redirect URI
26170 Scorecard Metric: Thresholds in tool pane have formatting issues
26166 Workbench: Pinned asset group does not show edit button
26149 Remote Agent Upgrades: 'Stage Version' and 'Update to Staged Version' buttons aren't disabled as expected
25869 Chain View: Capsule selection not reflected correctly on trend
25806 Organizer: Some characters are not saved in comments
25566 Scatter Plot: Minimap sometimes shows as half-width
25366 Ignition Module: Ignition Link does not respond to watchdog restart requests
25354 Histogram: Y axis does not update after changing aggregation signal
24997 Formula: AggregateSignal eats up resources and cannot be cancelled in some situations
24794 Organizer: CKEditor allows the use of content popover when in backup display mode
24391 Administration: Disabling/enabling a user brakes pagination when filters are applied
24388 Administration: Select all checkbox remains checked after enabling/disabling users
24199 Workbench: Previously generated error report is generated if the analysis is duplicated again
23806 REST API: POST /datasources and GET /datasources/{id} return different additional_properties
23745 Workbench: Tool path does not layout correctly in Safari
22745 Item Properties: Cache ID is not under the advanced section as expected
22158 OData Export: Exports created without "Export" in the name are unrunnable
21268 Organizer: Background color is green when opened from a journal link in an Analysis
20753 REST API: GET /content/date-ranges returns no items
19255 Units of Measure: Unit conversions recognize gmol and such incorrectly
17197 Workbench: Chain View makes extra signal requests
16938 Workbench: Executing 'Signal from Condition' tool resets the customized settings in details pane
14138 Treemap: 'Value at Start' and 'Value at End' is broken for string type signals
13222 REST API: POST to /users/<id>/update with blank First/Last name succeeds, but ignores blank fields
11141 Workbench: Capsule pane pagination limit is too restrictive

Version R54.3.2

New Features

29612 AF Connector: Include Value Type as a Signal Property

Bug Fixes

29572 Home Screen: Names are overlapping in folders tab
28970 Home Screen: Long folder names are overlapping other folders in left nav tree

Version R54.3.1

Bug Fixes

29015 REST API: POST /agents/status does not filter connections by Datasource Class
24419 Event Frames Connector: Duplicate capsule property names can cause conditions not to trend

Version R54.3.0

Bug Fixes

29589 Series cache garbage collection queries can timeout on large cache databases
29577 Caching: Cache service should read blocks last to avoid holding them in memory
29375 Table Builder: Migration from condition to simple is not applied in trend view
29373 Caching: Cache service postgres connections are not timing out as expected
29372 Caching: Series cache service migration validation may still be slow on every startup
29327 AspenTech IP21: Tag Type not overridden when Type is null
29177 Workbench: Signals not scoped to the workbook appear in the search result after a page refresh
29081 Home Screen: Folder tree navigation is short
29074 Caching: Cancelled requests results in excessive logging and the inability to download logs
28627 Data Lab: Scripts were unexpectedly unscheduled
27947 Request Details: Time spent in datasource not being shown in rocket modal
27501 Asset Groups: Cannot add variables outside the asset group in asset group formula editor

Version R54.2.0

Bug Fixes

28834 Workbench: Removing a link can break CK editor
28718 Workbench: Multiple table requests are fired when metrics have signals as thresholds
28612 Monitors: Authenticated User Gauges broken
28571 Ignition Module: Indexing can fail if HistoryEnabled is null
28420 Some modals error with the message "backdrop click" when the backdrop is clicked
28284 Signals as thresholds on a metric can error if the data is uncertain
28243 OData: Requests cannot be cancelled once the thread queue is full
28198 OData: Full thread queue causes 500 errors for new requests
27887 Seeq non-upgrade restart can take 25 minutes
27266 Organizer: Asset selection fails when calculated items are toggled back to the original asset
27017 Workbench: Improve error message when table errors due to item selection
26891 Workbench: Opening existing annotations created in Froala in the Journal tab returns a 500 when CKEditor is active

Version R54.1.6

New Features

27490 CygNet Connector: Support for CygNet 9.5+

Bug Fixes

28026 Formula Tool: Cursor jumps around when the page is under load
27801 Caching: Fragmented cache causes performance regression
27688 Organizer Topic: Asset group children are filtered out in Asset Selection
27211 Formula Tool: Worksteps are being created for every formula editor change

Version R54.1.5

Bug Fixes

27806 Administration: Indexed items number mismatch between datasources modal and datasources tab

Version R54.1.4

Bug Fixes

27814 Organizer: Content with an asset selection fails to load for worksheets having boundaries
27651 Organizer: Asset Selection dropdown is limited to show 40 assets
27567 Asset Groups: Scalars and signals with no reference to existing items deleted after being used in another calculation
27263 OData Export: OData capsule properties contain units of measure on each capsule
27071 Asset Groups: Browser becomes unresponsive when trying to add asset with same name as existing asset in an asset group
26886 Organizer: Interactive content of worksheet in table view with date in column header fails to load

Version R54.1.3

Bug Fixes

27558 Workbench: Labels drop-down not fully visible when on smaller screen resolutions
27171 Home Screen: Creating a new subfolder in 'My Folder' navigates user back to 'Home'
27110 Workbench: Error when searching for asset by keyword
27008 Caching: Auto-clearing corrupt cache for an unbounded condition results in an error loop

Version R54.1.2

Bug Fixes

27166 Telemetry: Status of datasource connections is missing

Version R54.1.1

New Features

26849 Formula: Enable join() operator to show in-progress capsules

Bug Fixes

27265 Table Builder: Table across a periodic condition does not display across assets
27243 Table Builder: Asset tool causes constant refresh when enabled
27227 Organizer Topic: Asset selections cause unnecessary requests
27213 Workbench: Items scoped to another analysis showing up in the asset tree
27108 Datasource Admin UI: Timestamps not updated on manual re-index
27041 Organizer Topic: Date range and asset selection incorrectly pasted when pasting label
27034 Workbench: Workstep is overridden with new asset selection when 'Open in New Tab' is disabled
26709 Organizer Topic: Asset based tables and treemaps do not always follow asset selection

Version R54.1.0

Bug Fixes

26986 Workbench: Journal entry requires page reload to see the correct version
26965 Organizer Topic: CK editor content can duplicate in fast follow when updating content
26887 Workbench: Undoing workstep replaces asset tree with "No results found within undefined"
26698 Home Screen: Deleting last item in a page other than the first page removes all items from home screen
26677 Connector-initiated incremental sync not handled correctly
26671 Ignition Module: Ignition Gateway Connector cannot index
26634 Workbench: Fast following with an asset tree shows no results for follower
26103 Capsules Panel: Capsule properties not detected from condition created by connectors

Version R54.0.1

Bug Fixes

26811 Organizer: Some content is lost after upgrade to new experience
26788 Organizer: 'Revert to old experience' modal 'Cancel' button shows translation key
26024 Reference Profile: May not show in capsule time when individual capsules are selected

Version R54.0.0

New Features

25182 Login Screen: Change 'Email' to 'Account Name'
24704 Units of Measure: Allow alternate unit names in some simple cases
24601 Workbench: Increase the default number of recently accessed items
23146 Organizer: Date range labels
22616 REST API: Overwrite individual capsule properties in a condition
20185 Chain View: Add grouping functionality
20184 Capsule Time: Group by asset
16722 Feature Preview: Table based charts (pie, bar, column)
10973 Profile Search: Improved help
10602 REST API: Remove href
10534 Organizer: Asset Selection
10503 Organizer: Show the date range in the document
9717 Datasource Management UI
8878 Excel/OData Export: Include capsule properties
7665 Scatter Plot: Color by capsule property
6394 Excel Export: Include pattern search similarity metric
6393 Worksheet: Limit stored worksteps

Bug Fixes

26912 Journal: text aligned to the 'Middle' is changed to 'Top' after conversion to CKEditor. Table cell text cannot be aligned to the middle in CKEditor
25767 Organizer: Bulk edit modal can display the wrong number of items
25743 REST API: Creating an asset tree with an existing root id causes 500 error
25545 CSV Import: Icon for removing uploaded file is not visible when filename is long
25534 REST API: Typos in parameter descriptions for GET /logs/{log} and GET /sample-series/{id}/samples
25470 Workbench: Tooltips are missing for some table view toolbar items
24873 Workbench: Item property selector closes after each selection
24741 Organizer: Document loses focus after inserting content
24660 Organizer: Image upload can fail when the document is being fast followed
24638 Workbench: Table across assets not reflecting the correct UOM when signals have different UOM
22715 Home Screen: Item information modal may not display entire description
21344 Organizer: Content properties modal not aligned properly if "Fixed Average" is selected
16948 Item Properties: UncertaintyOverride only works for signals, not conditions
13975 Organizer: Recent version history link to preview is white-on-white
13764 Home Screen: Inconsistent font styling when creating a new workbook
11550 REST API: GET /system/server-status returns more info than necessary
5539 REST API: Workstep endpoint exposes HREF without ID

Version R53.4.4

New Features

27638 Display Pane Add-on Licensing Quick Win

Bug Fixes

29284 SQL V2 Connector: Databricks sources are disconnecting prematurely due to long cluster startup times
27484 OPC-HDA Connector: Tags with "/" in the name are not being indexed
27174 Data Lab: Jupyter container logs show only time and not date
26774 Organizer Properties Panel Breaks if Language isn't English
26762 Data Lab: Orchestrator is repeatedly killing then immediately restarting notebooks
26761 Data Lab: Orchestrator is repeatedly crashing
26750 Data Lab: Orchestrator shuts down after connection error

Version R53.4.3

Bug Fixes

27632 Administration: StackOverflow error when deleting a user
27555 Administration: User references present in a journal or workstep prevent user deletion
27352 SPy: Jobs created in previous versions no longer work
27347 Write to PI: Last sample is erased after first write
26968 Data Lab: Executor containers display file not found on custom.css in logs
25425 AF Connector: Elements with inaccessible parents are synced as children of database Asset

Version R53.4.2

Bug Fixes

27444 OData: Write lock held open for entire duration of export calculation
27186 Scorecard: Duplicate columns when different scorecard priority present

Version R53.4.1

New Features

26456 WITSML: Allow Indexing of Unknown Direction Time Logs

Bug Fixes

27339 Table Builder: Removing item in simple mode can break condition mode
27276 Monitors: Not enough time between appserver CPU load sampling calls
27215 GE Proficy Connector: No handling for bad quality samples

Version R53.4.0

Bug Fixes

26977 Data Consumption: Data compaction job can cause Seeq to run out of memory
26875 Training: Seeq training video and quick start links are broken
26851 OData Export: 500 error if datasource disconnect occurs while processing signal data
26745 Workbench: Highly nested calculations can crash the UI
26607 Asset Groups: Calculated items from existing Seeq items point to the original asset
25839 Table Builder: Condition table does not show duplicate condition capsules

Version R53.3.2

Bug Fixes

26959 Data Lab: jupyter_client 7.0 breaks scheduled notebooks
26597 Log files are not cleaned up properly if there are more than 1000 rollovers in one day
26327 Audit Trail UI table does not display all properties

Version R53.3.1

New Features

26248 PI Connector: Ability to specify export PointSource for auto-created/updated PI Points
26247 PI Connector: Ability to specify minimum latency of exports

Bug Fixes

26337 Administration: Report statistics may be out of date on large databases
26265 Workbench: Enumeration sets not displaying Last Value correctly
26121 Data Lab: Jupyter extensions do not persist after project is closed

Version R53.3.0

Bug Fixes

26589 Scorecard: Condition based metrics with signal thresholds fail to load
26506 Journal links redirect to home screen in a new tab
26480 Asset Groups: Modifying a column with a pre-existing calculated item removes the item from that asset
26313 Access Control: Name field isn't cleared after adding a user/group
26291 OData Export: Inconsistent results if there are multiple exports with the same name
25051 OData Export: Asset hierarchy not displaying in correct order

Version R53.2.0

Bug Fixes

26370 Formula: Migrations can be skipped inadvertently leading to out-of-date items
26178 Home Screen: Recently Opened items overlap Pinned items when page size is increased
26070 Asset Group Formula Editor: Can't type 0.1 or 0.2
25595 Home Screen: Duplicating a folder can result in "variable is undefined" error

Version R53.1.1

Bug Fixes

25876 Organizer: Topics saved from sandbox mode can fail to load when CKEditor is enabled
25747 Trend Viewer: Summary is using step interpolation method instead of linear
25493 Seeq installer can take hours to unpack new code

Version R53.1.0

Bug Fixes

25180 Caching: Clearing cache does not remove entries from cache archive table
25024 Seeq CLI: Install output shows "OMPT: command not found"
24587 Sort Criteria removed when navigating to Asset Group

Version R53.0.1

Bug Fixes

25500 Caching: Archive stats table can get out of sync with archive_index, causing a leak in cache storage space

Version R53.0.0

New Features

24135 User Profile: Default to autodetecting user's time zone
24112 Units of Measure: Support display of mBar
23384 Table Builder: Condition table across assets
23249 Formula: Ability to rearrange samples with the 'move' function
23149 User Defined Function: Return error if function is archived
23120 Monitoring: Gauge for delayed requests by datasource
22834 Reference Profile: Support multiple inputs
22748 Formula Upgrades: Skip formulas that have failed in the past
21872 Monitoring: Datasource enabled/disabled status
17443 Monitoring: Improve performance and re-enable ability to view monitor data in Seeq
16968 Table Builder: Ability to display capsule properties
15132 Table Builder: Ability to copy contents for paste elsewhere
14465 Trend Viewer: Ability to use logarithmic scale for y-axis
12215 Formula: Chained formula error should show link to actual formula with error
6635 Chain View: Export to Excel or OData

Bug Fixes

25446 Fix workstep links in journals pointing to original workstep/worksheet/workbook for duplicated workbooks
24705 Formula: condition.toSignal('duration', endKey()) alway returns 1ns
23990 REST API: CSRF is incorrectly enforced on `HEAD` requests
23722 Administration: Disabling server hardware warnings shows green checkmarks
23596 PostgreSQL read/write connection leak
23476 Extensible Seeq Workbench: Plugin files do not include an 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header
23301 Authentication: Usernames with leading/trailing whitespace cannot login
23237 REST API: Pagination offset < 0 throws 500 error
23229 REST API: GET /content/preview throws 500 error if worksheetId is null
22884 AF Connector: PIPoint Display Digits used instead of AF Attribute Display Digits when different
22619 REST API: Cancelling a request with SQL queries in progress results in 500 error
22305 Ignition Module: Filtering tag providers does not work if there is a space after the comma
21961 CSV Import: Error if the first 'Data Column Indices' specified is greater than 9
21945 Data Lab: Duplicate container listed by 'seeq data-lab list' CLI command
20829 Caching: Empty reads from a datasource result in a completely uncertain cursor that can break downstream formulas
19736 Seeq can load slowly for remote users because resources are requested serially

Version R52.3.2

Bug Fixes

27315 SPy: spy.workbooks.pull will not accept a string as input
27080 SPy: .push to Corporate folder creates repeating folders
27022 New default applied to condition tables may change their appearance in Topics
26918 SPy: "External Tool" incorrectly used in SPy tutorial notebooks
26804 SPy: Error in Spy.Push AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'total_seconds'
26746 SPy: cannot handle a metadata DataFrame index that has non-unique entries
26645 SPy: DateRange Condition not preserved with spy.workbooks.pull
26376 SPy: and don't allow searching within the corporate drive
26339 Data Lab: Scheduling a notebook is splitting cells, causing the scheduled execution to fail
26318 Caching: Stackoverflow error when getting data for a cached formula
24603 Data Lab: Unable to configure container timeout
23015 SPy: spy.pull on empty items dataframe yields an unhelpful error message

Version R52.3.1

Bug Fixes

26342 Data Consumption: Compaction can cause out of memory exceptions
25981 Organizer: Cross-referenced images prevent duplication

Version R52.3.0

New Features

21833 Data Lab: Notifications

Bug Fixes

26231 OAuth Connector: Seeq login fails when using Chrome on iOS
26165 Organizer: User autocomplete in renderer selection modal shows SSO usernames
25980 Organizer: Cross-referenced image cleanup does not fix all images
25890 Metrics can error when measuring unbounded conditions
25776 Home Screen: Navigation breadcrumbs missing in some folders
23313 Item Search: The cursor moves to the end of the line after each character is typed

Version R52.2.2

New Features

23096 Google Cloud Big Query Connector: Support for conditions

Bug Fixes

26100 GE Proficy Connector: Failed connection attempts cause connection leaks to Proficy server
25966 Organizer: Table controls do not work for nested tables
25920 Tables: Error when trying to display more than 14 metrics
25670 Data Lab: Scheduled Notebook jobs are unscheduled after a failure and never rescheduled
25593 Asset Groups: Renaming a column trashes items if the worksheet has been duplicated
24763 Data Lab: Jupyter Notebook can return 404 Not Found for long-running appmode notebook
24758 Data Lab: AppMode can fail to load on tab refresh

Version R52.2.1

New Features

25772 .NET Agent: Watchdog for excess memory usage

Bug Fixes

25921 Treemap: Incorrect values displayed with more than three conditions
25754 Monitoring: Scalar caching monitors indicate canceled request as failures
25722 Metrics with no selected aggregation statistic will not display in table view
25384 Configuration: Default Network/Webserver/PrivateUrl to Network/Webserver/Url

Version R52.2.0

New Features

24545 Rename External Tools to Add-On Tools
20238 Data Lab: Allow installation of Python libraries for all projects

Bug Fixes

25720 Asset Groups: Edit icons show on sub-assets
25502 Seeq fails to start on installs with a large number of calculated items
24926 PI Connector: Bad PIPoint Attribute causes failure to sync Signal
24105 Content cache cleaner does not reclaim all old files

Version R52.1.4

Bug Fixes

25423 Trend Viewer: Missing translation for capsule alignment start points tooltip

Version R52.1.3

Bug Fixes

25203 Can't update double aggregation histograms created before v50

Version R52.1.2

Bug Fixes

25159 Organizer: Orphaned image migration can take longer than expected

Version R52.1.1

New Features

24685 Limit active jobs per user when under load
15637 Ability to write signal and condition data back to OSIsoft PI

Bug Fixes

24876 Data Lab: CSRF token not available in scheduled Notebook
24678 Organizer Topics: R52 asynchronous upgrades can remove non-content images that are still in use
24656 Seeq loads as a blank screen if browser is set to a language other than English
24647 Organizer Topic: Images pasted from other documents are not saved
24646 Asset Groups: Unsaved changes indication is always shown
24635 Statistics in the details pane do not update when in table/scorecard view
24616 Scalar cache service client timeout is too low during migration

Version R52.1.0

Bug Fixes

24283 Organizer: Bulk edit modal worksheet type doesn't match displayed workstep
24282 Analysis: Cannot add custom signal to asset in asset group in a shared workbook
23623 Folder bread crumbs no longer support right click, open in new tab
23365 Analysis: User with read/write permissions cannot create asset groups

Version R52.0.0

New Features

23984 Seeq CLI: Add index usage and cache hit rate to 'db stats'
23903 SPy: Add support for label to push, schedule, unschedule job methods
23009 Item Properties: ID copy button
22966 Formula: Parameter expressions
22770 Formula: Include priority name in metric condition
22740 SPy: Disallow operations when SPy and Seeq Server versions are mismatched
22571 AF Connector: Synchronize AF database metadata
22399 Seeq CLI: Add 'cache clear-thumbnails' command
22299 External calculations on windows of data
22106 Organizer Topic: Remove and prevent future orphaned images uploaded to documents and journals
22080 Data Consumption: Compact to one entry per day/origin/user/monitor
22075 Reference Profile Tool: Move "Apply To Condition" from advanced to default view
22018 Timestream Connector: Performance Updates
21973 Asset Group Builder
21857 Table Builder: Add signal statistics and properties
21683 REST API: Include capsule metadata GET /condition/{id} response
21368 Formula: Expose multiple validation errors at once
20377 Convert scorecard builder to generic table builder
19783 REST API: Find all content/topics using a worksheet
19349 Connector SDK: Skip indexing items based on property transforms
19033 REST API: Smart unit parsing endpoint
17607 Data Lab: Scheduled execution of notebooks
17490 Add Capsule Property Picker to Scorecard Header
15251 Administration: Tools for managing scheduled & live docs
15110 Formula Tool: Click option to add variable to formula editing window
13879 Request Details: Support for conditions and other types
13237 Table Builder: View across multiple assets
13216 Organizer Topic: Add more content formatting options
12810 Formula Docs 2.0
10493 Organizer Topic: Improved capsule picker for batch operations
9715 REST API: Remote connector configuration

Bug Fixes

24329 Administration: Restarted requests show previous status and increment datasource request timers while queued
24002 Seeq CLI: 'datasource cache prune' can raise "operator does not exist" error
23712 Trend Viewer: Individual cursors cannot be removed when lane labels are on
22895 REST API: POST /formulas/docs/{packageName}/{docName} 500 error
22777 User Defined Functions and Formula Docs do not respect archival
22549 Value Search: Different results for '<> not between' if using Scalars or Signals for limits
22378 Formula: Behavior of setUnits() depends on whether argument is a string
22253 Seeq Server installation fails when Locale is not set on Ubuntu
22227 OAuth Connector: NullPointerException if no scopes are present
22200 Formula: Discrete aggregations that output at endKey() cause cache/partitionability problems
22187 Seeq CLI: 'datasource cache clear' command does not clear the cache of archived items/datasources
21875 Home Screen: New "Data Lab Project" button is greyed out but still works when no Data Lab server is configured
21770 Request Details: Wrench icon is not displayed for some actionable warnings
21687 Formula: Error computing max of two signals when one is unitless
21639 External Calculation: Script receives None for values of constant string signal
21612 Seeq CLI: Globally scoped calculated items can prevent workbook swaps
21192 Trend Viewer: Auto update pushes worksteps in Capsule Time
21132 Formula: combinewith() does not display capsules when a child condition is uncertain
19422 Seeq CLI: 'seeq config set' removes previous note if a new note is not provided
18912 Trend Viewer: Missing capsules in calendar time after changing date range in capsule time
10074 Organizer Topic: Seeq content can render as a slightly different size in the document than it does when exported to PDF

Version R51.1.6

Bug Fixes

26451 Caching: Applying Uncertainty Override can result in "Inconsistent cache detected" error
25898 Organizer Topic: Scorecard metric size altered after being pushed from SDL
25832 Caching: Pipelines can skip time ranges in rare circumstances, resulting in data gaps
25303 Invalid agent API key causes server database connection leak
25226 Data Lab: Python packages removed from project on upgrade

Version R51.1.4

Bug Fixes

25026 Data Lab failed to install on RHEL 8.0.0

Version R51.1.3

Bug Fixes

24699 Appserver can fail to release memory from authorization attempts

Version R51.1.2

Bug Fixes

24632 Chain View: Signals can be missing from screenshots when conditions are also present
24568 Seeq no longer honors the browser's configured date display format
24402 Data Lab: Update packages with known security vulnerabilities
24349 Data Consumption: R50 logs not cleaned up when moving to R51 style file format
24050 Organizer: Content cache cleaner job might miss directories

Version R51.1.1

Bug Fixes

24785 Non-Admin cannot directly access shared folders when the 'Everyone' group is disabled
24738 NAN thresholds prevent numeric scorecard from displaying
24472 Asynchronous migrations written in Kotlin are not retried if they fail

Version R51.1.0

Bug Fixes

24576 Ignition Module: Exception parsing "module.xml" during installation
24572 Trend Viewer: Metric and Signal from Condition items that use durationKey may not display correctly
24551 Organizer: Date ranges disappear on page load
24444 Migration execution isn't systematically logged
24381 Rare online backup edge cases could result in corrupt backup
24368 HeatmapTable operator can't be canceled
24277 Organizer: Unarchived content linked to the report but not in the document
24249 Wonderware Connector: Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow
24132 Unit of Measure Search only searches abbreviations instead of full names
23548 Screenshots retry after timeout, causing unnecessary server load

Version R51.0.5

Bug Fixes

24258 Organizer Topic: Scorecard content breaks when upgrading to R51
24102 Server error when updating a globally scoped threshold metric
24092 Data Consumption: Summary queries local time against UTC time
23925 Formula: Discrete signals aggregated over conditions with zero-length capsules using durationKey result in no data
23878 Seeq CLI: 'datasource cache prune' treats items for which it has no permissions as orphans

Version R51.0.4

Bug Fixes

24067 Item Search: Filtering on "Cache ID" is very slow
23931 AF Connector: Datasource cleanup fails after full metadata sync
21717 OData Export: Basic authentication can appear to succeed when it has actually failed if the OAuth2 Connector is enabled

Version R51.0.3

New Features

23267 Access Control: Allow ACL read without manage permission

Bug Fixes

23872 Scorecard: Invalid date header when input has uncertain data
23857 SQL Connector V2: Single quoted content is handled incorrectly
23856 Scorecard: Swapped metrics do not stay in sync when updated
23838 Administration: Reassigning a deleted user's content to another user corrupts the other user's home folder
23833 Condition-based scorecard fails to capture the maximum value of a discrete signal
23832 Wonderware Connector: SDK mode unnecessarily requires username/password
23817 Administration: Unable to download log files >1GB
21342 Administration: User can be deleted even if they own items
20594 Histogram: Unable to edit and add grouping by value

Version R51.0.2

Bug Fixes

23716 Monitoring: Screenshot and thumbnail monitors are pointed at the wrong folders
23661 Caching: Connection is not closed after migration completes
23595 Monitoring: Error while collecting measurements
23473 Tables showing raw <br> tags instead of newlines
23344 Remote agent installation fails to start due to unconfigured admin contact info
22896 Home Screen: Opening shared folder causes extra folders to appear

Version R51.0.1

New Features

23307 Optimized asset-relative query for swap searches

Bug Fixes

23485 Scorecard Metrics: Occasional SQL connection error in table view
23390 Details Pane: Wrench for fixing maxDuration can be missing
23308 Item Search: Only the first page of results is displayed
23241 Trend Viewer: Summary level is not displayed correctly when mode is discrete and input is custom
23200 Administration: Remote agents fail to start after upgrade
23183 Composite Condition Tool: Padding hides combination method text
23178 Administration: Removing legacy caching items during upgrade takes too long
23153 Home Screen: Corporate folder items can report that the Corporate folder is within the Users folder
23142 Administration: Cannot sort user table in ascending order
23076 Organizer Topic: Content links in don't open in new tab
22918 Error running the java Connector SDK debugging agent
22731 Scorecard Metrics: Error using "Value at Start/End" statistics with string signals

Version R51.0.0

New Features

23075 User Interface Localization: German
22723 Calc Engine: Disable parallel computation by default
22116 Formula: Ability to clip series near now
21939 Remote Agent: Configurable HTTP/websocket timeouts
21598 Request Details: Add database execution time
21591 Density Plot
21562 Organizer: Reduce number of files stored on disk
21542 Formula: toSignal() add interpolation when converting a condition
21262 Details Pane: Add range and delta stats
21257 Formula Tool: Include metrics as variables
21236 REST API: Optional additionalProperties input for metrics
21219 Formula: setProperty() to aggregate stats per capsule
21196 Data Lab: Support self-signed certificates
21178 AF Event Frames Connector: Short names for child conditions to improve swapping
20979 Trend Viewer: Add auto-summarize option to the summary tool
20951 CSV Import: Alert user if there are not enough columns for signal or condition
20504 SQL Connector V2: AWS Timestream support
20376 Scorecard: Add display range and capsule modes
19841 Home Screen: Rename administrator's "All" tab to "Users"
19333 Monitoring: Add monitors for port exhaustion
19311 Home Screen: Increase clickable area around icons
18597 Home Screen: Allow archived and restored items to remain in their folder
18469 CSV Import: Add UOM dropdown
17504 Signal From Condition Tool: Duration as a key option
16517 Home Screen: Automatically open edit modal after creating folder
16299 REST API: Unify behavior of DELETE endpoints
15998 Monitoring: Add monitors for database table bloat
15592 Formula: Allow resample() to have an offset
15385 Scorecard: Add ability to transpose rows and columns
14753 Digital Signal Filtering Tool
14063 Excel Export: Include workstep link
13963 Smoothing Tool: Incorporate new filtering algorithms
12715 Details Pane: Always display table header
9798 Excel Export: Include time zone information
8280 Formula: Support scalars as inputs to splice()
4784 Excel/OData Export: Honor chosen time zone

Bug Fixes

22435 Organizer: Intermittent network problems can cause pasted Seeq content to not be included in the document body
22242 SQL Connector V2: Column metadata cache misses
22191 Organizer Topic: Changing duration of date range prior to setting to auto-update resets to 1 day
22137 OData Export: Last used timestamp does not update when user has read only permission
22079 Organizer Topic: Updating a date range on its own does not always result in the correct time interval
22052 Organizer Topic: Scheduled update doesn't work for advanced date ranges
22034 Administration: Some configuration option descriptions render incorrectly
21987 Renderer fails to connect when webserver is behind authenticating reverse proxy
21915 Formula: Aggregate skips discrete capsules aligned on the left edge
21837 Trend Viewer: Cursor values are not visible upon initial page load
21791 Organizer Topic: Inconsistent "Insert Seeq Content" button color
21757 Home Screen: Subfolders in left navigation are not sorted alphabetically
21648 Organizer Topic: Occasional "Headless capture failed after 10 seconds" error when loading a large document
21553 Data Lab: File download fails with "404: Not Found"
21512 Histogram does not allow unbounded conditions as inputs
21395 Periodic Condition: Time zone default not obvious
21327 Seeq CLI: Intermittent "The data area passed to a system call is too small" errors when stopping Seeq service
21322 Organizer Topic: Cursor occasionally jumps to the top of the report when highlighting text within a table
21258 Formulas using metrics can error on stale SQL Connection
20955 Histogram: "Hour of Day" aggregation is wrong
20803 Data Lab: Content links to private IP address
20800 Formula "help" button/hotkey appears to do nothing in condensed Formula tool view (not expanded)
20686 REST API: /jobs/content/{id} endpoint internal server error
20685 Trend Viewer: Rendering of metrics can overwhelm the browser
20546 Organizer Topic: Unable to connect to Seeq Server when user clicks on a new document created in another tab
20530 Administration: Slow response of "Welcome to Seeq!" dialog when writing name and email
20338 Trend Viewer: No limit on display range input characters
20284 Item Search: Previous results mixed with child items of expanded asset
20169 Faulty datasource error message doesn't help the user
19681 Formula: predict() uses max interpolation of the target signal rather than the signal(s) being applied
19512 Admininistration: Requests page is limited to 1000 results
18900 Clearing multiple caches simultaneously can result in 'Relationship changed' error
15470 Formula: min/max functions have cryptic error when units are not coerced

Version R50.5.4

Bug Fixes

25579 Worksheets can be slow to load when many formulas are running
25499 Administration: Canceled requests can remain in request list

Version R50.5.3

Bug Fixes

25504 Upgrade fails on Windows with a non-English locale

Version R50.5.2

Bug Fixes

25163 Postgres can deadlock during concurrent batch posts

Version R50.5.1

New Features

24697 Add a configuration flag that pauses async migration
24694 Add batch size configuration options for capsule/sample migration

Version R50.5.0

New Features

23627 Data Lab: Upgrade Pandas, Numpy, Jupyter etc to latest versions
22563 Data Lab: ipyvuetify Support
22424 Data Lab: Python 3.8

Bug Fixes

24707 Asynchronous migrations can fail if audit trail is enabled
24530 Seeq CLI: datasource map command page size is not configurable
23426 Data Lab: plotly installation can be very slow

Version R50.4.7

Bug Fixes

24549 Asynchronous upgrades can cause Seeq to run out of memory and restart in very rare cases
24175 Appserver logs not getting cleaned up

Version R50.4.6

Bug Fixes

24212 Seeq leaks file handles causing "Too many open files" error

Version R50.4.5

Bug Fixes

23794 Analysis: Worksheets with metrics make many duplicate network requests

Version R50.4.4

Bug Fixes

23816 Wonderware Connector: Default connection is enabled

Version R50.4.3

New Features

23131 Ignition Module: Improve indexing speed using new Ignition v8 features
22909 Ignition Module: Sync Assets Descriptions
22496 MetNet Connector: Performance Updates

Bug Fixes

23793 CygNet Connector: Not included in product image
23743 Organizer: Cannot insert content after duplicating a document
23728 Wonderware Connector: No longer using the latestKeyCache
23615 Ignition Module: Incompatible with Ignition 8.1.2
23235 OAuth2 Connector: Email address is not updated after initial user creation
23210 Administration: Page Size warning displayed in user interface
23150 Scorecard: Step to now breaks conditional formatting of string signals
22773 GE Proficy Connector: Step interpolation not supported

Version R50.4.2

New Features

22019 Wonderware Connector: Query via native SDK

Bug Fixes

23475 AF Data Reference uses start time of display range in PI Vision Value Symbol
23261 Plugins: Upload fails if the Folders/Data configuration option is overridden
23162 Organizer Topic: Content is regenerated when duplicating a topic or document
23121 Organizer Topic: Content cache cleaner serializer connection closed
23012 Data Lab: Upgrade fails on RHEL 7.X
22845 Seeq CLI: Datasource commands are slow after upgrade
22721 Administration: Default Database/Postgres/WorkMem can result in poor performance
22564 Data Lab: Container can fail to start for users with user names that start or end with -, _, or .

Version R50.4.1

New Features

22556 OAuth2 Connector: Allow group sync with manually managed membership in Seeq
21965 Google Cloud Big Query Connector

Bug Fixes

23154 SPy: spy.push() does not handle workbook argument that utilizes new Home Screen concepts
22422 OAuth2 Connector: Users logging in during OAuth indexing can lose their group memberships
22246 SPy: spy.workbooks.pull() fails when pulling from Corporate Drive
22037 SPy: spy.workbooks.pull(include_rendered_content=True) can result in DateRange exception

Version R50.4.0

New Features

20716 Azure Data Explorer (ADX) Connector

Bug Fixes

22774 Item Search fails if multiple `/`s are in the query
22768 SPy: spy.push.workbooks() will eventually fail with "Request Entity Too Large"
22747 Seeq CLI: Pruning orphan cache entries fails with exception
22611 AF Connector: Enumeration sets can have incorrect UoM
22609 Ignition Module: Indexing fails due to missing class
22605 AF Connector: Formula attribute trending fails when referenced PIPoint has few samples
22497 Monitoring: Postgres update monitor is leaking read_only connections
22157 OData Export: getSamples can cause the whole export to fail with 500 error if an IllegalStateException is thrown
21990 AF Connector: Indexing slows down with high numbers of PI Point Not Found errors
21745 Logging: appserver-requestmonitors log no longer includes outside datasource time