Seeq Server R62.0.5

Welcome to Seeq! If you have any feedback or support questions, please log a support ticket via the Seeq Support Portal.

For each user that accesses the Seeq Workbench for the first time, a fully interactive tour will present itself to assist the user in learning how to use our software. The tour can be dismissed and accessed later via the system menu in the upper-right corner of Seeq Workbench.

Upgrade Considerations

Best Practices

Before upgrading, it is recommended that you create a backup of your current Seeq Server. That way you can restore your application version, configuration and data files to known good if for some reason there is an issue with the upgrade. To create a backup, follow the instructions in the Backing Up the Seeq Database article in the Seeq Knowledge Base.

The Seeq Server database schema is upgraded automatically when a new version of Seeq Server first loads a data folder created by an older version of Seeq Server. The blue text at the bottom of the Seeq Server launch interface is intended to give insight into upgrade progress.

When upgrading, it is recommended that you update the Seeq Server and all Seeq Remote Agents at the same time. Each version of Seeq is tested as a whole and breaking changes between the Seeq Server and older Seeq Remote Agents are not tracked.

Datasource Caching on by Default

In R62.0.0, newly created datasources will have their Cache Enabled property set to true by default. This is the recommended behavior to ensure the best Seeq performance and lightest load on the datasource. If you wish to override this behavior, set the Datasource/Cache/Enabled configuration option to false. Consider increasing the size of the persistent series cache using the Cache/Persistent/Series/MaxSize configuration option.

Seeq Data Lab Upgrade

In R62.0.0, Seeq Data Lab has upgraded and added Python packages. Please visit Preinstalled Packages for the list of the latest installed packages.

Formula Changes

In R62.0.0, the behavior of join() near now was changed. When a matching end capsule can't be found, it now emits a capsule that ends at now() instead of at the uncertainty transition of the end condition. The uncertainty of the output was not changed, only the capsules during the uncertainty region.

Aggregate operator correction

A bug (CRAB-34503) was identified for specific inputs to the aggregate function in R57, R58, and R59. The issue is fixed in R57.3.0, R58.2.0, R59.1.0, and R60+. To ensure accurate data, a migration to clear potentially affected caches will begin at startup and run in the background if upgrading from an affected version. This migration will have temporary performance impacts beyond typical background migrations.

While the background migration runs, formula requests will encounter a small processing overhead to determine if they may be affected by the bug. Any formulas determined to be potentially affected will temporarily have persistent caching disabled to avoid using persisted data that may have been affected.

Upgrade Path

Upgrading Seeq Server on Microsoft Windows platforms to version R59.0.0 or higher is not supported. Seeq Remote Agents on Microsoft Windows platforms can be upgraded to R59.0.0 and beyond. If you are running Seeq Server on Microsoft Windows, please reach out to your Seeq Customer Success Manager, your Seeq Reseller, or Seeq Technical Support to discuss your options.

When upgrading to Seeq Server R59.0.0 or later from a Seeq Server version before R58.0.0, an intermediate upgrade to the latest R58 release is required. Installers and release notes for all previous releases are available here. All asynchronous background upgrades must complete on the intermediate version before proceeding with the upgrade to version R59.0.0 or later.

Run seeq diag migration from the Seeq CLI to check the status of asynchronous background upgrades.

Postgres 14 Upgrade

Starting in R59.0.0, Seeq's database store is upgraded from version 12 to version 14.4. This new version contain several features that will benefit regular Seeq operations and database health, such as less space taken up on disk.

The upgrade time is heavily dependent on disk speed and total database table size, as well as a number of other factors. As an example on a system with 98,000 IOPS (Input Output Operations Per Second) and a disk throughput of 3200 MB/s, the upgrade will take approximately 1 minute per 4 GB of total table size. For a slower system with 7700 IOPS and a throughput of 200 MB/s, the upgrade will take around 1 minute per 1.5 GB of total table size. To see the total size of all tables in the database, you can run seeq db stats -v in the Seeq CLI and sum the values in the table column of the Table Sizes table.

Aggregate operator correction

Bug CRAB-35028 exposed a rare scenario where an aggregate may produce incorrect results. It only affects signals that were re-cached by versions 58.0-58.2.1 or 59.0-59.1.0 where the linear input signal to the aggregate had a discontinuity directly aligned with the left edge of the capsule of interest. Clearing the cache on these items will fix the results.

Migration of Boundaries to Threshold Metrics

In R58.0.0, all boundaries (ancillaries) will be converted to threshold metrics. These metrics can be found by searching for "(old boundary name) Boundary". Existing worksteps that contain boundaries should be visually unaffected by this change.

Threshold Metric Priority Configurations

In R59.0.0, changing the Features/Colors/Priorities configuration would alter newly created threshold metrics. Previously, an existing metric could be updated by clearing its cache after the configuration change. Now to update existing metrics, modify the metric formula.

ADX Connector no longer supports Username / Password Authentication

Previously the ADX connector allowed username / password authentication to access data within ADX. This functionality has been deprecated by Microsoft and users must now create a service principal as documented here: ADX Connection Configuration

Topics no longer support UserGroup access for content

If a topic from R54 or earlier was using a User Group for its contents' access control, a user must be chosen and saved from the topic's homescreen "Edit" dialog. Until this action is taken, content will not load in that topic.

Authentication configuration refined

In R61.0.0 the authentication system was refined to simplify its configuration and operation. User sessions will now expire after a fixed period from when they were created, ensuring the user logs into the system no less frequently than the expiration duration.

Transform operator strictness

In R61.0.0 the transform and transformToX operators will report some errors that previously would have been warnings instead. This avoids problems where an error (such as a disconnected datasource) resulted in an empty result rather than a failure and error message.

In general, using other operators such as aggregate will result in better performance and more predictable results than transform operators.

SQL Connector Changes for Querying for Conditions

Starting in R61, the SQL connector has changed its behaviour when querying for condition data. To optimize how Seeq queries for data, the connector now checks for null start AND end times, which can cause a problem when the end time is a calculated value. It is recommended to create a subquery to create the calculated end time as described in the SQL query definition guide.

API Changes

Change Notes

Some new features and bug fixes may also be available in point releases of previous major versions. Release notes for all previous releases are available here.

Version R62.0.5

Bug Fixes

39114 OPC-UA Connector: Server certificate validation erroneously disabled for non-DataPARC connections
38947 Formula: $condition.move($x) incorrectly requires a constant input
38656 UI: Supplying a malformed ID in the URL causes an infinite loop with the "Unable to connect to the server" message.
37064 Items: Appserver pulls in a lot of additional relationships and items when Audit Trail is enabled

Known Issues

34634 Unable to send logs if special character is on the name field
33884 PowerPoint Export: "Full" link types are not clickable in PowerPoint
33356 Score Card Missing a Data Point when Auto Updating
32635 Organizer: PDF layout can change because no capsule icon is too small
29806 Unable to directly pick Uncertain Capsule in Topic Date Range Modal
26444 Cannot insert an image into a Journal Annotation.
26158 Manual Condition Tool does not allow adding capsules via highlighting area on trend when lane labels are displayed
25452 Ignition Module: Dropping connection to Ignition Gateway
25164 Windows Installer says .NET Framework 4.6.2 is required but installs 4.8
25160 Installer: Restart requirement for .NET Framework v4.8 installation pops up in the middle of Seeq installation process
24049 Fast follow users don't see asset groups until refresh
22815 Seeq CLI: "seeq start" may time out after an upgrade
22286 AF Data Reference: Bundled documentation is inaccurate
22136 When pasting content, able to open link in Email, but not in Word
21700 Formula: Comparing unitless values to percents is broken
21456 Installer locks up if asked to do a backup and there is insufficient disk space
20375 Non-admin users can't launch Seeq in interactive mode after clean install on Windows
20099 JVM-Link: Threads cannot be interrupted while waiting on external requests
19690 SPy.workbooks does not support annotation capsule
19144 Unable to return to previous workstep after creating Custom Condition
18220 Seeq CLI: Seeq is automatically restarted after 'seeq stop' on linux
17447 Tabs opened in the background do not load until activated
17073 Boundary with Redacted signal shows as unselected instead of redacted
14256 PowerPoint export fails if lane labels include asset paths
14255 PowerPoint export does not contain asset path
12228 Can't open topic links inside adobe reader touch
12049 Color of condition can be lost after capsule selection
11506 Trend cursor labels should draw over top of lane labels
11209 Lane labels do not remain with their lanes when items are removed
10974 PDF Preview broken in Firefox 57
9698 Showing labels on single points is inconsistent at various zoom levels
9560 C# SDK has trouble with sub-second timestamps
9508 Histogram displays too many digits when creating n# of buckets
9485 Composite search live preview will not show more than 1000 capsules
9413 Live preview can cause erroneous display if bar chart is used
9409 Data from SQL Connector does not update when the table changes
9242 Signals can be affected by one lane/one axis action when only Histograms are selected
8972 Boundary pairs that share signals can't be displayed simultaneously
8918 Cursors don't work for discrete points with interpolated line style
8866 Edges of trend can have anomalous samples
8667 Asset-relative pattern search uses time period, not pattern
8647 "Max duration exceeded" errors showing up for signals in Scatter Plot
8453 Trend can render inaccurately with vertical gaps
8288 Series in capsule time don't update on formula change
8247 Shared axes in a lane does not draw correctly right away
8191 Asset Database synchronization resulted in duplicate attribute entries
8044 Newlines in workbook description are lost when rendered
7917 Scroll/zoom don't work for manually inverted axes
7527 Comments may not show up initially
7279 Series which references comment disappears when comment scrolls out of view
6947 Display range duration inconsistent on DST transition
6097 Excel Export does not honor Capsule/Series Selector
2855 Seeq does not inform user that they need PI SDK or PI System Explorer

Version R62.0.4

New Features

36980 Connectors: Allow OpenID Connect timeouts to be configurable

Bug Fixes

38940 SPy: Templates Example Notebook Returns "TypeError: _init_() got an unexpected keyword argument 'force_calculated_scalars'"
38733 Workbench: Display tool asset selector button misalignment
38608 Journal: Text cursor location is not remembered when switching to tools
35351 SPy: errors with JSONDecodeError

Version R62.0.3

Bug Fixes

38620 Workbench: Scorecard Metric & Value Search Item Selector or Value Entry buttons are misaligned
38595 Workbench: Manual condition tool formatting is off
38475 Workbench: Rocket request data doesn't fill the display bar
38465 Workbench: Cannot duplicate worksheets if Journal contains an image or is blank
38391 Translation of features new in R62 to languages other than English
37823 Data Lab: Scheduled Notebook becomes unscheduled when 502 is thrown in Orchestrator

Version R62.0.2

Bug Fixes

38679 Remote Agents: Remote agents take minutes or fail to reconnect after appserver restart
38588 Workbench: Journal links from worksheets duplicated before R61 are broken
38439 Workbench: Using "Customize" drop-downs causes Seeq screen to shift up
38427 Formula: TimeSinceCondition()'s downtime parameter fails to get the end of unbounded input
37994 Home Screen: Switching between folder tabs can make "Unable to connect to the Server" flash
37662 Workbench: Unable to remove single cursor with multiple conditions on the trend and lane labels on

Version R62.0.1

New Features

30514 Data Lab: Notify on skipped execution or an unschedule of scheduled notebooks

Bug Fixes

38386 UI: Duplicating Workbook Exposes Asset Swapped Items in Search
38383 SPy: Template image parameters not recognized
38375 Data Lab: Kernel dies after Seeq ML discover tries to auto save the model
38314 API: Topic/Journal images fail to load after v999
38304 Organizer Topic: Cannot configure specific date range format for Date Range Label
38240 SPy: Advanced scheduling example does not work
37724 SPy: output is unclear
37386 AF Event Frames Connector: null ConditionDescriptionTemplate with partitioning causes indexing to fail
37061 Audit Trail: Print via browser only prints first page
36043 Data Lab: Seeq Data Lab url does not redirect to Seeq login page when user is not logged in

Version R62.0.0

New Features

37939 Workbench: Allow frontend plugins to open popup windows
37633 Notifications: Admin configuration for minimum frequency
37603 SPy Templates: Upload Images to Topics
37033 Organizer: Improve the readability of timestamp on interactive chart in dark mode
36372 Workbench: Formula tool should retain unused variables
36363 UI: Separate "Profile" and "Preferences" into separate menus
36009 UI: Update Support Ticket Form
35743 Notifications: Configure in bulk across Asset Groups and Asset Trees
35736 Notifications: Allow end user to specify a frequency to check a condition
34525 Workbench: Type in Datasource field to narrow down long list of datasources in Data tab advanced filters
34319 New Language: Korean
33366 Workbench: Include statistic type (e.g. count) in Histogram y-axis label
31568 Formula: In-Progress Join() Capsules should go up to Now, Regardless of Cursor Location
29943 Workbench: Option to return exact match when searching for tags in the Data tab
28948 SPy: Add new parameter to limit results returned from requests
24783 Workbench: Display Description on Axis and Lane
16316 Data Export: Allow OData Exports to be modified without creating a new endpoint

Bug Fixes

38351 Organizer: Cannot resize content
38239 Workbench: Capsule Pane summary stats can be displayed under the wrong heading
38206 Organizer: PDFs do not capture all interactive content when there is a large number of content
38191 Formula: Out of memory error with deeply nested formulas
38190 Workbench: Capsule properties of value 0 aren't displayed in Capsule Pane
38168 SPy: searches with lowercase IDs fail
38165 Asset Groups: Calculated items with Transforms and Local Variables don't work
38100 Compute: clean up Data Description to minimize message size
38068 Notifications: Unable to add recipients to existing notifications with mixed Seeq and non-Seeq recipients
38050 Connectors: Datasource indexing progress does not distinguish between full and incremental indexes
38018 Search: Backslashes in search text fails
37949 Workbench: Removing a condition from the Details pane sends the user back to the home screen
37938 Data Lab Functions: Falsy responses return as empty JSON
37863 Workbench: Opening Notification from bell in details pane makes Journal disappear
37811 UI: Default Number Format is not read in system config
37794 UI: TimeZone Select should be searchable
37748 DataLab: Scheduled Notebook execution start in containers without file permissions
37743 Workbench: Missing capsules in Capsule Pane after canceling out of Manual Condition
37691 Auth: Users cannot load signals unless they have read permissions on the datasource
37689 Workbench: When Grouping is on, cannot remove items from groups other than 1st group
37658 Support workbook URLs with folder ID
37623 Tables: Table with condition does not load if you add "Unit of Measure" column
37512 Notifications: Deleting a user tied to a notification configuration breaks the linked condition monitor
37485 Organizer: Cloned topics have disabled date ranges which prevents auto-updating content from running
37450 Formula: addOnCalculation() function should clearly indicate it's deprecated
37446 Connector: improve heartbeat message logging
37409 Auth: Everyone group fetching can fail when audit trail is on
37393 Notifications: Management help for Organizer links to wrong page
37389 Formula: Add-On Calcs do not show up in Seeq Workbench
37366 Organizer: Cannot insert a piece of content that takes longer than 40 minutes to render
37295 Workbench: Pasting block of text in journal annotation sometimes causes Out of Memory error
37093 Workbench: A workbook without any worksheets fails to load in the UI
37082 Asset Groups: Duplicated workbench doesn't carry down calculated item when new assets are added
37054 Notifications: Multiple notifications for StoredCondition when the cursor key overlaps with the start of the last capsule
37047 Ignition Module: Indexing Ignition logs NoSuchMethodError Gson.fromJson
37024 Notifications: ConditionMonitorNotifications job may not be re-started when using the Notifications Management page to enable a notification
36976 Asset Groups: Adding an asset with a calculation that doesn't reference an item in the asset group does not create the item
36972 Add-on: Add-on calculation example scripts not working
36971 Formula: Add-on calculation not working for the example legacy scripts
36917 Formula: starts() doesn't support unbounded conditions
36902 Organizer: Page break separators do not display after upgrade to new experience
36901 Organizer: Interactive chart content does not display after an upgrade
36837 Workbench: Some capsule labels are missing on the trend but appear in the capsule pane
36794 Asset Groups: Numerically named columns are assigned the same variable names in formula
36746 Workbench: Lack of feedback when dragging Display Range slider and left edge time does not stay the same
36515 Compute: Avoid OutOfMemoryErrors by reducing data description size
36499 Notifications: Internal server error when non-admin views Notifications Management page
36495 Workbench: Thumbnails are transparent in View Only mode
36270 Administration: Configuration - typing in text box filter field behaves erratically
36220 Organizer Topic: key does not appear in histograms
36172 UI: Ensure Seeq Deployment URLs are excluded from Google Search
36145 Organizer: Thumbnails are not updated in reasonable amount of time
36135 Workbench: Cursor appears to use linear interpolation for step signal when sample is not in Display Range
36092 Workbook: Zooming y-axis affects both signals instead of one after resetting to their own axes
36066 Organizer: Save to PDF shows Loading Spinner for Live Auto-Updating Date Ranges
35648 Asset Groups: Items from outside the asset group used in a calculated item show wrong icon and changes cannot be applied to all
35407 Workbench: Scorecard metric signal flickering between step and linear interpolation
35197 Workbench: Increase number of capsules shown in Chain View
35195 Workbench: Dragging worksheet thumbnail causes unexpected redirect to home screen if on XY Plot view
35001 Workbench: Formula docs with links are treated as blocks, not inline
34589 Organizer: Interactive Table Sizing Error When Toggled to Chart View
33394 Workbench: Clicking on capsules in the Manual Condition tool does not highlight the capsules in the manual condition list
32942 SPy: with all_properties=True is much slower than all_properties=False
32806 Workbench: Histogram legend should have a tooltip on color swatch
30282 Caching: Repeatedly jumping to now on trend causes 'Capsule out of order' error
30141 Auth: no UI warning when unchecking admin rights in configuration and saving
29028 Workbench: Edited Histogram to add grouping doesn't show Bin information until refreshed
21241 Administration: Hovering over configuration option doesn't display tooltip
17559 Workbench: Histogram with a grouping throws error when you "include empty bins"
11714 Workbench: Clicking on a Journal link in EDIT mode executes the link
10379 Workbench: Incorrect y-axis histogram label after edit